Why you shouldn’t rush to level up quickly in Pokémon GO

Level Up in Pokémon Go

There are a lot of ‘get rich quick’ schemes floating about for Pokémon GO, tricks that help you gain exp and level up quickly; MUCH faster than you would otherwise.

Turns out that’s not sure a good idea. At least, not in the earlier levels. Here’s why.

Most tips and tricks would see you using your lucky eggs early in combination with farming Pokéstops, bulk evolving Pokémon and hanging around Pokéstops with lures in play. Sure, you’ll level up quick, but there is a long-term downside.

If you don’t want to spend money, lucky eggs are in short supply

You get lucky eggs by levelling up, or by spending cold hard cash. By the time you reach level 20 you will only have 5 lucky eggs in your hot little hands

The game is really generous in the earlier levels, anyway

It’s true! Starting out things are really easy. Pokéballs are in high supply, if you stumble upon a rare Pokémon it’s not impossibly difficult to catch, and often you’ll find it doesn’t matter how good your throw is; so long as you hit a Pokémon it’s yours forever!

Once you hit around Level 15 things take a bit of a turn.

Pidgeys start busting out of balls. Rare (and common!) Pokémon will take one look at you and run away. Common Pokémon take multiple razz berries and many Poké Balls to capture. It becomes much more difficult to do the same things you were previously doing with ease as the game tries to squeeze some real money out of you. If you have levelled up too quickly (and haven’t caught a wide array of Pokémon yet) then you will find it harder and harder to fill out the Pokédex as even common Pokémon slip through your fingers..

Once you hit the higher levels there is an exponential curve to levelling up

Getting to around level 20 is fairly even keel, but check out the tweet by @Klik_Vox. The exponential curve means those upper levels are a huge grind, and you can bet those Pokémon are going to even more evasive than before!

As other commenters have pointed out exp points do not change as you level up! So you will get the same exp points for catching a Pidgey (100xp) whether it took you 1 Poké ball as a level 5 scrub or 10 Poké balls as a level 25 guru.

So, what should I do instead?

Since Pokémon are harder to catch in the higher levels you should save the easy level-up tricks (bulk evolution) as late as you possibly can. That means while Pokémon are evading your grasp and you’re tossing away Poké balls like nobodies business you can still get substantial amounts of EXP from another source. It’s not going to last forever, but it’s a far better time to cash in.

Make sure you also combine your lucky eggs to coincide with two eggs hatching. Save those temporary incubators! If you aren’t hatching two eggs at the same time while under the influence of a lucky egg you are throwing away very easy experience points.

There is no escaping reality, you will hit a wall at some point and the game will become a grind. However with that knowledge you should slow down and enjoy yourself. You know Niantic are going to release updates, there will be more Pokémon to catch, there will be trading, and there will be PvP battles. The time for throwing in the towel is a long, long way off – so don’t burn yourself out early!