Save battery and prevent draining while playing Pokémon GO

Pikachu eating a bettery

It’s no secret that Pokémon GO is a huge drain on your phone’s battery life. Niantic Labs is currently looking for ways to reduce the drain on the battery life. In the meantime, here are a few handy tips to stop the drain on your phone while playing Pokémon GO.

Turn off music and sound effects

Pokémon GO Settings
The Pokémon GO settings menu has options to turn off sound effects, music and vibration, and to turn on Battery Saver mode.

Turn off the sound in the game’s settings so you’re not wasting any battery on audio. Although it’s a nice-to-have, turning it off doesn’t hinder gameplay whatsoever and it could mean the difference between battery and no battery.

It’s a good idea to keep vibration on because it alerts you when a Pokémon is nearby. But during times of extreme battery strain, you might want to turn this off too.

Turn on Battery Saver

Pokémon GO Upside Down Screensaver
Save battery by switching on the game’s Battery Saver mode and turn your phone upside down to reveal this screen while you walk.

Common Pokémon GO tasks such as searching for Pokémon and incubating eggs requires walking around with the game open. Luckily, the built-in Battery Saver will help to preserve your battery. While it’s turned on, Battery Saver will switch your screen to a dark screensaver when your phone is upside down.

Turn off Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR) functionality puts Pokémon in your world by overlaying them on top of your camera’s view. It’s cool, but it’s also a huge drain on your battery. AR in Pokémon GO makes use of your phone’s accelerometer, gyroscope and camera. Turn off AR Mode to save a lot of battery during battles.

During an encounter of a Pokémon, you’ll see a switch for “AR”. Just make sure the game background shows the Pokémon world, and not your camera’s view.

Get Nintendo Pokémon GO Plus

Nintendo Pokémon GO PlusPokémon GO Plus is the cool wristband that connects to your phone’s bluetooth and flashes when Pokémon are nearby, or other important events are happening in the game.

By removing the need to look at the screen the whole time while playing, it helps to reduce the strain on your phone’s battery.

Unfortunately, it’s very sold out at the moment. Amazon says they’re not sure when it will be available again. But it’s worth checking out: Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus.

Pikachu eating a battery. Artwork by Icky91