What are Razz Berries used for in Pokémon GO?

How to use Razz Berry

As you level up in the game, stronger and harder-to-catch Pokémon will begin spawning. The colored circle that appears when you’re in battle indicates how difficult a Pokémon is to catch.

Easy Pokémon show a green circle, while harder ones show on a scale of green, green-yellow, yellow, orange and red.

The yellow-reddish-colored Pokémon are much more likely to burst out of their Pokéballs if you throw a Pokéball poorly.

When/How to use Razz Berry

Using a Razz Berry will reduce the chance that a Pokémon will burst out of its Pokéball on your next throw.

To use a Razz Berry:

  1. During battle, before you throw a Pokéball, go into your items menu. Choose a Razz Berry from the items list.
  2. The Razz Berry will appear in the game area and hover around. Tap the Razz Berry to feed it to the Pokémon.
  3. Throw a Pokéball and hope for the best.

Razz Berries are quite common at PokéStops once you reach Level 8, so you don’t need to be too choosy when using them. If you’re running low, don’t waste your Razz Berries on green-circle Pokémon. You’ll likely catch them without the need for a Razz Berry.