These Pokémon can only appear in certain continents in Pokémon GO

Pokemon GO around the world

You might not be surprised to hear that some Pokémon can only appear in the wild if you’re in certain continents. That’s bad luck if you were hoping to catch your own Tauros, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime or Farfetch’d. The following Pokémon only appear in certain continents:

Farfetch’d only appears in Asia

Farfetch'd in Pokémon GO.If someone told you they caught a Farfetch’d outside of Asia, that story is probably farfetched. Farfetch’d only appears in the wild in Asia, so it’s too bad if you’re elsewhere. Fortunately, you can hatch your very own Farfetch’d from a 5km egg anywhere in the world.

Kangaskhan only appears in Australia

KangaskhanJust like kangaroos, Kangaskhan are endemic to Australia. You’ll need to make the trip Down Under if you want to catch your own Kangaskhan. Otherwise, just hatch one from a 5km egg.

Mr Mime only appears in Europe

Mr. MimeMarcel Marceau, one of the world’s most famous mimes, hailed from Strasbourg, France. It makes sense that the continent where mime artistry originated is also the only place you can catch your own Mr. Mime. Luckily, this Pokémon hatches from 10km eggs. Keep hatching eggs if you’re hoping to add Mr. Mime to your team.

Tauros only appears in North America

TaurosNorth America, historically famous for its cattle ranches, is the only home to wild Tauros. If you were hoping to catch your own and you live elsewhere, too bad. You can hatch Tauros from 5km Pokémon eggs.

How to hatch eggs

You have probably noticed that all of these Pokémon can be hatched from eggs anywhere in the world. Since that’s a lot easier than travelling to each of the Pokémon’s native continents, it’s useful to know how to hatch an egg in Pokémon GO.