Maps of where to find Pokémon in Pokémon GO (Websites and Apps)

Pokemon GO Maps: Websites and Apps

If you’re scouting around for a certain type of Pokémon, it helps to know where to look. Previous sightings of a Pokémon are a good indication of where they are likely to appear again. Pokémon GO Maps (or Pokémaps) plot out where other trainers have spotted different types Pokémon.

While these maps don’t provide a live view of where Pokémon are currently, you will surely increase your chances of seeing the Pokémon you want.

There are a bunch of maps that come in both website and app form, depending on what you want:

How do Pokémon maps work?

These Pokémon maps are populated by other Pokémon trainers who have sighted a Pokémon and decided to share their wisdom by adding a pin with that Pokémon to the map. If you want to help the Pokémon community, you can add your own pins when you encounter an interesting or rare Pokémon.

Pokémon GO Map Websites


PokeCrew is possibly the best Pokémon Map out there. The site provides a handy location search tool that provides search results in a map view and a list view. The list view lets you know how far away a Pokémon has appeared, relative to the location you’ve searched.

Pokecrew Pokémon Map

Poke Radar for Pokemon GO

This comprehensive map comes with an app for iPhone and Android (although, it looks like the Android app has been taken down). It lets you filter pins by the Pokemon that you’re looking for. The pins look like the Pokémon that was spotted there. Judging by the number of pins on the map, this resource is used by a large base of trainers, making it all the more useful.

Poke Radar for Pokémon GO


Pokémapper is a no-frills Pokémon map with pins color-coded based on the type of Pokémon that appear. It’s a good insight into where certain types of Pokémon appear. However, if you want to find out what specific Pokémon the pin refers to, you need to click it.


Pokémon GO Map Apps

Poké RadarPoke Radar for Pokemon GO

Available for iPhone: Poke Radar for Pokemon GO in the App Store

Although it’s pretty light on features, Poke Radar for Pokemon GO provides a quick look into the Pokemon that appear near you. Tap on a pin to reveal the name of the Pokemon. You can filter pins based on the name of the Pokémon you’re looking for.



Pokemap: Map for Pokémon GOPokemap: Map for Pokémon GO

Available for Android: Pokemap: Map for Pokémon GO in the Google Play Store

This one looks pretty light on users, based on the reviews. As this app matures, more users will come and there will be enough pins to make this app useful.




Poke Map for Pokemon GOPoke Map for Pokemon GO

Available for iPhone: Poke Map for Pokemon GO in the App Store

This one also looks pretty light on features, and there doesn’t seem to be many users.