How to get more PokéBalls in Pokémon GO

Different types of Poké balls

Imagine this: you stumble upon an awesome Pokémon you’ve never seen before and then you start the battle because you want to catch that damn Pokemon (gotta catch ’em ALL, right?) Then it hits you. “No poke balls”. What a nightmare.

Due to poor planning or total obliviousness, you ran out of Pokéballs! To make sure this never happens again, make sure you’re always stocked up on Pokéballs.

There are three ways to get more Pokéballs in Pokémon GO. You don’t have necessarily have to pay money.

Free way #1: Level Up

When you catch Pokemon, you’ll gain experience and if you gain enough experience, you’ll level up. You’ll receive item rewards depending on what level you reach, but you’ll always receive more Poké balls.

Free way #2: Go to Poké stops and spin the sign

I didn’t realise that you could spin the signs at Poké stops because the game doesn’t have any damn instructions. Go to within reach of any Poké stop (they’re the things with the blue Pokemon sign that gyrate around). Click on the sign and you’ll see the image at that poke stop in a circle. Spin the circle around and the stop will spit out awesome items like Poké balls, eggs and more.

Paid way #1: Purchase items from the Pokémon store

If money is no object to you, you’ll be able to buy Pokéballs in the shop. Open the pokemon menu and click on “Shop”. Scroll down to the bottom of the shop menu to see the coins. Once you have coins, you’ll be able to buy Pokéballs.

Pokéball Prices

  • 20 Poké Balls: 100 Pokécoins
  • 100 Poké balls: 460 Pokécoins
  • 200 Poké balls: 800 Pokécoins

Poké coin Prices

  • 100 Poké coins $1.49 (Australian)
  • 550 Poké coins $7.99 (Australian)
  • 1200 Poké coins $14.99 (Australian)

Well, that’s about it! It’s pretty easy once you know how!