Hatching your first egg in Pokémon GO

Hatch an Egg in Pokémon GO

Hatching eggs is a great way to discover new Pokémon, and a good way to earn experience (200 EXP per hatched egg). It is pretty easy to hatch an egg once you know how.

Finding eggs

Eggs are easy to find out in the wild. Visit any Pokéstop and spin the sign for your chance to find an egg. You won’t get an egg every time, so you might have to try a few PokéStops or wait 5 minutes until you try the same stop. If you don’t get an egg straight away, don’t fret: you’ll still receive other useful items like Poké Balls, revives and potions.

PokéStops are great for finding eggs. Click on a Pokéstop when its blue and then spin the picture when it appears.
PokéStops are great for finding eggs. Click on a Pokéstop when its blue and then spin the picture when it appears.

Types of eggs

There are four types of eggs, and each type requires you to walk a certain distance to fully incubate the egg: 2km, 5km, 7km and 10km. As a general rule, the longer the distance required to hatch the egg, the more rare that the Pokémon it contains. It is possible to hatch any non-legendary Pokémon from eggs.

How to hatch an egg

Step 1. Put your egg in an incubator

To incubate an egg:

  1. Open the Pokémon menu (the Poké ball button at the bottom centre of the screen) and then click on “Pokémon”.
  2. There will be two tabs at the top of the screen: “Pokémon” and “Eggs”. Click on the “Eggs” tab to see all of your eggs.

    Eggs waiting to be hatched
    I wonder what Pokémon are waiting inside!
  3. Click on an egg and then click on “Start Incubation” to see a list of incubators.
  4. Choose the incubator you want to use to start incubating. You’ll want to use the red incubator because it allows for unlimited uses.

You can incubate one egg per incubator at a time. If you need more incubators, there are incubators available from the Pokémon store.

Step 2. Walk around to incubate your egg

If you want your egg to hatch, you will need to incubate it by walking around.

Your egg won’t incubate unless you walk around with Pokémon GO open. Driving around won’t work either: you need to be moving slowly enough and the phone needs to be moving around  for your phone’s pedometer to recognise that you’re walking.

PRO TIP: Worried about wasting your battery while trying to hatch an egg? Set Pokémon GO to Battery Saving Mode and then walk around with your phone upside down (e.g. in your pocket). This will cause your screen to turn off while still actively incubating your egg.

An egg incubating in Pokémon GO
Walk around with Pokémon GO open to start incubate your egg. You don’t need to have the egg showing. Just having the game open will do the job.

Step 3. Hatch your egg

Once you’ve walked the distance required to fully incubate an egg, it will hatch. Here’s what it looks like when an egg hatches in Pokémon:

Keep hatching!

You can get lots of new Pokémon and experience just by hatching eggs, so it’s definitely worthwhile to always have an egg incubating.