What do the gold stars mean in Pokémon GO?

What do the gold stars mean in Pokémon GO?
List of Pokémon in Pokémon GO with some favorited
Some Pokémon in your list appear with a gold star when you have favorited them.

You might have noticed that one or more Pokémon in your list have a gold star above them. If you don’t know what it is, it just means you have starred/favorited that Pokémon by mistake.

How to favorite/unfavorite a Pokémon in Pokemon GO

To favorite a Pokémon and give it a gold star:

  1. Open your list of Pokémon
  2. Tap on the one you want to favorite to open the Pokemon’s details
  3. Click the star in the top right corner of the Pokémon view

Why should I star/favorite Pokemon?


Omanyte, a Pokémon in Pokémon GO
The top right corner of a Pokémon’s detail list has a star that you can use to bring a Pokémon to the top of your favorites list

Favoriting Pokémon by giving it a gold star is useful if you want that Pokémon to appear at the top of the list when sorting by your favorites.

To see the list of sorting options, open your list of Pokémon and click on the sorting options button on the bottom right of the Pokémon view. There are lots of ways to sort your Pokémon, each with their own purpose. Sorting by favorites brings all of your starred Pokémon to the top of the list.

Other useful sorting options:

  • Sort by Combat Power – see your most powerful Pokémon at the top of the list
  • Sort by Name – puts your Pokémon in alphabetical order (useful for easily identifying duplicate Pokémon)