How to find Pokémon without actually going anywhere

Nearby Pokémon

Turns out trekking around the outside world to find Pokémon sometimes kinda sucks. Life tends to get in the way, with society requiring people to attend school and work for a living (boo!).

The dream of being a full-time Pokémon hunter still isn’t within most people’s reach, and when it is the likelihood of retirees hitting the streets in search of Pokémon is probably pretty low.

Sidenote: Maybe we should pay retirees to hunt for us? Whoa. Now we’re onto something.

One thing to make the impossible a reality (without cheating) is to keep a keen eye out on the nearby Pokémon tracker found in the bottom right corner. Tapping this icon brings up all nearby Pokémon, although there is some discussion as to how accurate this really is.

Every now and then you’ll spot a Pokémon with no footprints beneath it.

Find nearby Pokémon
Find Pokémon without actually walking anywhere!


Reveal nearby Pokémon

That means all you need to do is tap that Pokémon and it’ll appear in front of you, seriously no walking required! I’ve caught a bunch from my couch this way, just keep your phone open and keep checking the nearby tracker as it updates fairly frequently.