Eevee evolutions in Pokémon GO: how are they decided?

Eeveelutions: Pokémon GO Eevee evolutions

Eevee is unlike any other first-generation Pokémon because it uniquely has more than one evolution from its base form. There are three Eeveelutions: Vaporeon (water-type), Jolteon (electric-type) and Flareon (fire-type).

How does Pokémon GO decide your Eevee’s evolution?

Update: a method to get your desired Eeveelution 100% of the time has been tested and proven! Nicknaming your Eevee will determine the evolution:

Rainer = Vaporeon
Sparky = Jolteon
Pyro = Flareon

Once you have at least 25 Eevee Candy, you can roll the dice and evolve your Eevee. The evolution of your Eevee is randomly selected. You won’t necessarily get a Vaporeon if it’s raining, or a Flareon at a fire station. If you do, it’s a coincidence.

Players have tested and debunked these theories about how the evolution of Eevee is decided. These theories include:

  • Special move: Eevee can have different special moves and the special move it possesses decides the evolution (this theory has been debunked and is false)
  • Weather: The current weather in your location decides Eevee’s evolution. If it’s stormy, you’ll receive Jolteon and if it’s hot and sunny you’ll receive Flareon (this is false too)
  • Location: Your current location and environment decides Eevee’s evolution. Go to a fire station if you want Flareon or a body of water if you want Vaporeon (you guessed it, this theory is also false)
  • Nicknaming your Eevee will result in your desired (this method is TRUE)
    • Rainer = Vaporeon
    • Sparky = Jolteon
    • Pyro = Flareon

To reiterate, nicknaming your Eevee with one of these specific names will result in your desired Eevee evolution!

How many Eevees do I need to catch to get all 3 evolutions?

At least 20 Eevees in total. You need 3 Eevees to use as the ones you’ll evolve, so you can’t transfer these to the Professor. Each one of these requires 25 Eevee candy to evolve. That’s a total requirement of 75 Eevee Candy.

You’ll receive 9 candies from the Eevees that you’ll evolve (3 candies from each of the 3 Eevees). That means you need to obtain 66 more Eevee Candy. You’ll need to catch 17 more Eevees that will each give you 4 candies (3 for catching an Eevee plus 1 for transferring to the Professor).

That’s a total of 20 Eevees. But remember, you might end up with duplicates of the same evolution, meaning you might even need to catch even more to get all 3.