Choose your Eevee evolution in Pokémon GO: this method works 100%

Choose your Eevee's Evolution in Pokémon GO

Finally, after a huge amount of fake theories, speculation and cheats, there is a method that works! There’s finally a way for you to choose the Eeveelution that you want in Pokémon GO.

Nicknaming Method

Reddit user /u/TheAztek has shared some their wisdom with the Eevee naming method. If you give your Eevee these nicknames, you’ll get the resulting Eeveelution when you evolve your Eevee:

Nickname Eeveelution
Pyro Flareon
Sparky Jolteon
Rainer Vaporeon

To make sure this method works every time:

  1. Give your Eevee the nickname you want to use
  2. Close the game, force quit it and then open it again
  3. Evolve your Eevee and enjoy your new Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon.

This method has been tried and confirmed from numerous sources including this Reddit thread!

Here is /u/TheAztek’s post:

Still needs full confirmation, but I think there is a way to determine which Eeveelution you get. Name your Eevee either Pyro, Sparky or Rainer before you evolve it in order to get a Flareon, Jolteon or Vaporeon, respectfully.

Edit: 5/5 in a row has worked. Can others confirm. It is based off of the Eevee Bros episode of the original show.

Enjoy your new Eeveelutions!