How to catch more Fire-types in Pokémon GO

First-Generation Fire Pokémon

If you’re wondering “why aren’t I finding any fire Pokémon?”, we don’t blame you. Finding water Pokémon is as simple as going to a large body of water. And to find plant-type Pokémon, you can just go to leafy areas. But finding fire-type Pokémon isn’t as simple. Fire Pokémon don’t spring up around wildfires, right?

Don’t fret. If you follow these handy tips, you’ll fill your team full of fire Pokémon in no time.

1. Go to the places fire-type Pokémon appear

Look in parks, carparks, gas stations and dry areas. This wonderful Gotta Catch ’em All map shows you where which Pokémon have been caught where around Boston. Even if you don’t live in Boston, the map provides a pretty good insight into the types of areas that fire Pokémon are bound to appear.

2. Just get a Flareon

If you have enough Eevees, you can evolve yourself a nice Flareon! Eevee can evolve into either Vaporeon (water-type), Jolteon (electric-type), or Flareon (fire-type). The evolution path Eevee takes is mostly random, unless you follow the Eevee nicknaming trick. Give your Eevee the nickname “Pyro” before evolving it, and you’ll end up with a Flareon. This method is tried and true.

3. Look around during hot and sunny days at midday

A thread on TheSilphRoad subreddit has suggested that the time of day and weather are factors that decide which Pokémon appear. One user said “the only pikachu ive seen spawned during a thunderstorm”.

Another user suggests that weather plays very little part:

From the SR research team, there was not enough data to make any conclusions if weather affects spawns. However, they say it is unlikely because what little data they have shows no or very little influence.

From my own experience, there seem to be a lot more Zubats and Gastlys at night time, suggesting that at the very least, time of day plays a part.